A Tale of Poor Customer Service

We have all had poor experiences with customer service. Some customer service representatives over promise and under deliver, others are scattered and in need of some serious training.  Is it me or does this seem to be a theme among companies across the board.  It is generally understood that poor customer service experiences spread like wildfire. Websites like glassdoor.com and yelp.com are littered with bad reviews and horror stories from customers that were so turned off by a company they took the time to post their story on the web.

Companies need to take a time out and consider how to hire the right customer service staff the first time. Customer service is not easy.  It takes empathy, tact, focus and flexibility.  Not everyone is cut out to be in customer service.  Think of your customer service staff.  If you had to rank them in order of top performer to your weakest link, it is likely that you can instantly name the top three. Why? Because you are able to delegate very important critical projects to those individuals and you know, without a doubt, they can deliver what you need in a timely professional manor.

Think about alignment for a moment. Managers have certain expectations of their customer service staff.  But is management aligned with each other? How can we expect the front line to agree with management’s vision for excellent customer service if the executive team is not aligned to begin with? What is the solution? How do we all get on the same page? We the answer is simple… hire those who behave like your best.  Test for those qualities and begin to see rave reviews!

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