Tracking Sales Performance with the Sales 180 New Product Release!

The purpose of the Sales CheckPoint is to identify sales behaviors as viewed by you and your salesperson.  There are 79 sales behaviors presented as survey items.  These 79 items are grouped into 19 Skill Sets which further group into 7 Universal Sales Competencies.  Both you and the sales representative will provide your ratings of the sales behaviors on each of the items.  When a salesperson frequently displays certain behaviors which are a part of these Sales Competencies, they are typically identified as effective and successful in sales. Sales consultants will rate them selves and their manager will rate them also looking for strengths and opportunities to better serve the need of prospects, clients while achieving the sales goals on a consistent basis. We expect to repeat this process in 6 months looking for more opportunities as appropriate. The survey is done online in about 30 minutes with results then shared with Sales Manager and Sales Consultant for discussion and an action plan on areas of opportunity for both.

Below are the areas we measure on the Sales 180!

1. Entrepreneurial Approach • Reflects entrepreneurial attitude • Time optimization • Sets effective goals

2. Understands the Prospect • Recognizes buyer behavior • Understands the purchasing process

3. Develops Appropriate Solutions • Uses feature and benefit solutions • Knowledge of products

4. Prospects Proactively • Identifies prospects • Gets appointments

5. Manages Selling Process • Understands client-centric selling • Establishes rapport • Identifies prospect’s needs • Counsels prospect

6. Closes the Sale • Explores prospect’s options • Presents ideal solution • Overcomes objections • Closes effectively

7. Manages Sales Relationships • Secures the relationship Builds and maintains relationships

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