Fostering a Culture of Engagement!

Employee engagement is a hot topic in the business world and for good reason. Engagement can not only make a difference on employee satisfaction and productivity, but it can also increase employee loyalty—resulting in less turnover—and positively impact the bottom line. Organizations are realizing the need to create a culture of engagement that maximizes the potential of each employee.

According to the bestselling book

First, Break All the Rules, authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman assert that one out of every five employees is actively engaged in his work. This means that 80% of employees are disengaged with their work. How much productivity is your organization losing from these employees?

One out of every five employees is actively engaged in his work.

Are your employees engaged in their work? Are they loyal to your business? How do you know these things? And if you don’t, how do you find out?

Any attempt to change the culture and processes of an organization can be difficult and challenging. In this report, we also discuss how to implement new processes that can significantly improve employee engagement. As you go through this report, consider the current state of your organization and how your organizational culture can be modified to create a lasting model of engagement. As the title suggests, the entire DNA of your organization may need to be altered to lead to more engaged, active employees.

There are many benefits and advantages to understanding engagement levels. Companies with this knowledge have higher retention rates, superior customer service, and realize enhanced bottom‐line results. Leaders at all levels of the organization strive to create a work environment that results in highly engaged employees.

Engaged employees provide immeasurable benefits to your organization

The importance of hiring and managing engaged employees is significant to the success of your business. If you have tried to improve engagement for years and still aren’t seeing the results you expected, you need to look at creating a culture of engagement within your organization.

Organizational—In order to foster engagement at this level, you need to encourage and implement strategies that lead toward employee engagement. Take a good look at the core values and mission of the organization and see if you are fostering engagement.

Managerial—Leaders and managers are the key drivers of employee engagement. If they are not motivating employees to be engaged, then there is a great chance that your organization will always struggle with employee engagement. Knowing your managers and assessing the characteristics of the leaders in your organization will help you promote engaged employees who can motivate others to be engaged as well.

Employee—Find target employees who are engaged in their work and make sure that they stay engaged and motivate others to be more involved in their work as well. Consistently challenge and train your employees so that they take on new tasks that provide opportunities for growth and creativity.

It is impossible to create a culture of engagement without knowing the personality and characteristics of your employees and managers. Leaders must be aware of the engagement levels of their employees. Assessments provide an opportunity to learn more about each employee and how they fit into their job and the organization.

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