Seeing the good in dark hours…..

From a friend in Boston… said to his team…
When trying to help children understand disaster, someone once said “Look for the helpers….there are always people helping.  That’s God reaching down and guiding us to recovery”  I remember 9-11 and watching the heroic police/fire and EMT run into the buildings as everyone was running for safety…..those were the helpers.  I remember hearing about the teachers of Newtown barricading their classrooms and hiding the children.  When the shooter came to one teachers door, she said the children were @ gym class and not there…fully knowing she would lose her life in order to protect the kids hiding in the cabinets behind her….Those were the helpers.  And I watched yesterday’s news many times, not to see the explosion, but to see the immediate reaction of civilians of Boston running to help.  Not running away, but running to help……Those were the helpers.  First it was emergency personnel running to help, then it was teachers stepping into action and yesterday we had civilians as first responders.  What I have learned from these tragic events is that Evil is not winning.  We are not paralyzed in fear.  In fact the opposite is happening, we are getting stronger and more united.  The good in people will always trump the evil in the world.  It always has, and it always will.  We are asking ourselves what we can do to help today?  And the answer is live your life.  Go to work…play with your kids…love your family…keep moving forward and enjoy life.  Be positive, be resilient, be your best….at the end of the day that is all you can ever do