Measuring Employee Engagement to Drive Results!

As we approach the first quarter of 2014 a key metric that will determine how successful any organization will be can be measured in how highly engaged it’s employees are.  Your strategy may be 110% on target but how well it gets executed will be decided by how engaged employees are in their day to day activities, commitment and your leadership’s ability to motivate them.

Holding your leaders accountable for their departments engagement is a powerful method to drive your results.  Here is a tried and true method to focus on this important fundamental element of your success. It has been well researched that employees level of engagement fall into one of four categories.  Nationwide studies have been conducted that allow you to measure how engaged your individuals and departments are.  Here is a key national metric to compare you team to. 
National research shows the average firm has this level of engagement:

7% of Employees are Highly Engaged

49% of Employees are Engaged

43% of Employees are Disengaged

1% of Employees are Highly Disengaged

How would your company compare to national norms?  How would your departments and or regions do?  There is normally a correlation to engagement and performance.  Savvy clients use this measure as a way to show leaders how they can improve their teams performance.  Raise the engagement and you will raise performance.  Savvy companies use a combination of Engagement Surveys and 360 Leadership Feedback to hold managers accountable for performance and engagement.  They openly share how each department ranks in terms of engagement and performance. 

The Engagement Survey is repeated to show improvement and raise the bar on a regular basis.  No manager wants to be the low marker and all want to improve in an easy way to measure.

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