Great Customer Service made simple…..

Last week a colleague shared five simple steps to great customer service.  This was just too good not to share

1. Say hello — great them graciously and mean it!

2  Smile!

3  Really listen to the client!

4  Go the extra mile!

5  Say thank you!

If you are lucky your parents probably told you this a hundred times but we all still need practice!  Some do it naturally and some do not.  As a pre employment testing expert this can be measured and if it is there in a candidate or employee it can be honed.  If it is not why not avoid that candidate?  Learn more at

A reason to live….. mom sent me this pic….so it is special!

A reason to live.....  mom sent me this it is special!

You cannot pick your family.
You can pick your spouse.
You can slightly control your exist from this world.
Make every day special!
Make every day count
At work, at play at home!
If you were born in America you are among the luckiest on the face of the earth! I am for sure!