12 Reasons We Hire the Wrong Person and One Solution – Job Fit!

Interviewing a candidate is like meeting an ice berg in the North Atlantic you only see what’s above the water. Best case scenario you make a great hire who will produce high volumes over the next 90 days and you will feel confident that you were able to see the total person in an interview. Worst case scenario you will hire someone you though would fit the position perfectly but turns out to be unproductive, unmanageable and just fills the position with a warm body. Here are ten reasons why we hire the wrong person: 1. Gut feel hiring.

2. Hiring the best of the worst.

3. Hiring in our own image.

4. 63% of all hiring decisions are made in the first 4.3 minutes of an interview.

5. Unable to check references.

6. Promoting your best sales person to sales manager.

7. Promoting your best engineer to engineering manager.

8. Hiring someone’s friend. 9. Being unprepared for an interview.

10. The territory has been open too long and a warm body is better than no body.

11. Falsified and exaggerated resumes.

12. Lack of opened and probing interview questions, coupled with too much talking and not enough listening.

Using a good job match assessment will allow you to be better prepared, focus on critical areas/barriers to success and remain unbiased during the selection process. They add science to a very subjective process that has a failure rate of 60%. We all think we can read the room and not be deceived by a skilled interviewer but the odds are not in our favor. If an employee is disgruntled and unhappy they will voice their opinion and can at times destroy the reputation of an organization. Sites like Glassdoor are littered with comments and inappropriate language about companies who probably set themselves up to fail. Finding the right talent for your organization can seem overwhelming.

We leave so much to chance, we use our gut and our intuition to make a decision based on a couple of meetings and phone calls with a candidate. We all know that a candidate is always going to put their best foot forward in an interview. No on is ever going to tell the interviewee that they cannot do math or that they are unfamiliar with excel. If 60% of all hiring decisions are made in the first 4.3 minutes of an interview and the majority of hires fail, there is something seriously wrong with the way we go about selecting the right people. If sites like e-harmony are experiencing so much success via the use of assessing each individual and matching them to the people who share the same passions desires and interests how is it that we are not applying the same principle to hiring. After all, if we expect our employees to be passionate, engaged and productive it makes perfect sense to assess candidates and identify job fit prior to falling victim to the warm body syndrome. I leave the next move to you … hire based on fit or hire based on a hunch… you decide. What is the worst thing a mediocre employee can do? Stick around. Has your sales manager ever held on to bad hires too long thinking they can fix them? Perhaps afraid to tell the CEO he/she made another bad hire? Who do your managers spend more time with? Their top performers or trying to make bottom performers be average? Have you ever studied the foundational differences between top and bottom performers in such a way that you can differentiate them? That is what we do with job match. It’s like a football coach watching game films of wins and losses! We want to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. Let us show you how! Click Here for more about Job Fit! For more information call us at 760-295-8150 MJohnson@AssessmentSpecialists.com

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